Michael Cunningham


With only a semester to go before finishing a psychology degree, Michael dropped out to travel the world instead, and has never looked back. Michael seems to think that the picture of him holding a machine gun makes him appear to be ‘tough, but cool’, but in reality he is neither of those things. When he was shooting this machine gun, in a Cambodian desert, he missed every coconut target, and the soldiers accompanying him said: ‘we would pay you to not join our army.”  They then offered him to blow up a cow with an RPG for $500 US, but Michael respectfully declined, saying that it went against his morals. He seems to think that makes him appear to be ‘tough, but sensitive’. He has since abandoned his dream of joining the Cambodian military and has started up PRISM magazine in his hometown instead. When he’s not writing about himself in the third person, he is either playing the guitar, reading a book (or magazine), working on his novel, editing stuff, browsing the internet/matrix, or wishing he had better shit to do. You can get in touch with him at editor@prismagazine.com.au




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