Nick Taras

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Nick Taras is both profoundly funny and extremely hairy. He writes a humour column for Beat Magazine, and also does a bit of editing on the side. Whenever I read something of his, I’m left wondering where the fuck he gets it from.  I don’t remember him being that funny in high school. But then again, I was smoking so much weed I’m surprised I remember anything from high school.

He says of himself: “I am a famous rock star, Nobel Prize-winning scientist and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who has travelled back in time to escape the paparazzi. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my wallet, so I’m saving up to build another time machine and go back to the future. I’ve been writing and editing for magazines and newspapers to help pay for the machine. Donate to the Nick Taras Time Machine Fund and I’ll show you the future, where human beings have become enslaved by kittens. It’s not ideal but it’s so goddamn cute!”


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