So You Want to Write for PRISM?

We get a high volume of applications for contributing writers, so I’ve put together this little style guide to help make the process smoother for everyone. We’re planning to publish this magazine seasonally until we get more advertiser interest and then transition into monthly issues. All the content for the first (winter) issue is already put together, so anything you submit will be considered for the spring issue. Seeing as the first issue is not out yet (it will be out very soon), I’ve put together a contents page of what will be included in the issue, with links to the appropriate posts. It’ll help your chances of writing for us if you read the articles and get a feel for the literary aesthetic of the mag.

  1. PRISM GUIDE – Vice Magazine.
  2. INTERVIEW – Loui Jover.
  3. ARTICLE – Balinese Cockfighting.
  4. ARTICLE – Oculus Rift.
  5. ARTICLE – Twin Peaks.
  6. INTERVIEW – Gangsters of Skid Row.
  7. INTERVIEW – Australian Prostitute.
  8. BOOK REVIEW – American Psycho.
  9. SHORT STORY – Olivia. (p/w – prism)
  10. MUSIC – The End of the Game.
  11. FEATURE – Psychedelic Mushrooms and You. (p/w – wintermute)
  12. ARTICLE – Aliens, Death Threats and a Free Flight to Brazil.

If you think you have an idea of what we’re about after reading these articles, then shoot me another email with ideas or drafts (something finished would be great) of an article that you want to be considered for the next issue. Every issue will have a Prism Guide, a feature article (better be a great idea if you want to submit something for this – for example, our second issue’s feature has a very talented Melbourne graffiti artist doing a mural on an abandoned shipwreck, which is also being filmed as a documentary), 4-5 articles on whatever we both agree is interesting and not a waste of paper, 2-3 interviews, a film review, music review, and a short story. There is no word limit, long or short form is ok.

Let it be known now that I refuse to hold your hand: if you want me to tell you what to write, you can forget about writing for PRISM – there are plenty of other publications out there that will bottle feed you until you think you are able to fly with your own wings – only exception to this is if I have someone lined up for an interview, in which case I might attach you to do it (if you have previously proven that you are capable of doing so). Please, no list type articles. They’re an unfortunate aftershock of a culture devoid of normally functioning attention spans. Lastly, nothing preachy, cliche, or overly self-absorbed. This is a literary magazine, not your personal blog.

As you will be collaborating with myself and another editor, expect to receive feedback and edits. Our house style guide can be found here. Good luck.

All submissions can be sent to

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